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Danny in a Newfangled World

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Danny in a Newfangled World — a book about a child literally sucked into a computer game — should appeal to two particular types of kids: the reader/gamer combo and the gamer who you are just desperate to get away from a controller.

Like all of us at some point during our childhood (or last weekend), Danny always wants to play just one more level. His wish granted, he ends up transported inside his computer for a game that seems so immersive, it must be powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Even if it’s serving as a diversion to video games proper, any kid who starts reading should find their imagination captured by the twisted world Danny encounters. Familiar technological trappings and game clichés are given life in their own mirror world in the style of Alice in Wonderland, Donald in Mathmagic Land, Tron, etc.Danny’s adventures also go beyond entertaining kids with a nerdy tale; the plot holds some moral lessons as it encourages moderation in any enjoyable activity, screen time included.

Though the setting of Danny in a New Fangled World is new and shiny, an exciting adventure with a lesson about proper priorities seems timeless.

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