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Darth Kitty Print

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Were you to ask Conan the Barbarian what is best in life, his response would be amusing, but wrong. What is truly best in life is Star Wars. And maybe Hello Kitty. And since it is fairly close to impossible to figure out which of these two is truly best, the artists over at Society 6 have solved all our problems by creating an unholy union of awesomeness.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a Darth Hello Kitty Vader, complete with a pink lightsaber. Mace Windu probably just gave it to them without even being asked, which tells you something; if Samuel L. Jackson thinks something’s cool, then that means it’s gotta be the coolest cat in town (pun intended). These prints, like all Society 6 prints, come in a variety of sizes and qualities. The image can be framed, printed on an iPhone case, or even stamped on a T-shirt or hoodie if you prefer. Which of course you do. Because, yes, it would be great to have this picture on your wall, but really, if you’re buying this marvelous mash-up of mayhem, it’s because you want to strut down the street and show the rest of the world just how awesome you are.

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