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Darth Vader and Son

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What do you get a Lord of the Sith for Father’s Day? Another tie? Helmet polish? You’re going to find yourself sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel, or your dad is going to send his interrogation droid into your room as punishment for such lame gifts. Luckily for Luke and Leia, they were estranged from their dad growing up, but, in Jeffrey Brown’s hilarious new book “Darth Vader and Son.” he takes a look at what life with Darth would be like.

Yes, he would always make sure you found the droids you were looking for. And he would use his Sith powers to convince the preschool board to get you into your first choice Montessori school because no son of a Lord of the Sith is stepping foot into a Waldorf school. On the other hand, your dad using the Sith Force Choke on the umpire while coaching your t-ball team is a little bit embarrassing.

If this book does anything, it makes you appreciate your own dad: he never cut one of your hands off, nor does he do that weird heavy breathing. My big question is, would Lord Vader be a kid backpack kind of dad, or more of a jogging stroller type?

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