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David Sheskin’s Artful Animals Memory Game

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If someone asked you the goals and hopes you have for your child, we know you’re not the type to wish for a Harvard Medical student. Instead, you’re probably hoping for an independent, self-taught artist whose gorgeous folk art flies under the radar of Wikipedia. In truth, it’s somewhat difficult to unearth details about Sheskin’s methods, background, or anything else. A mysterious folk artist with minimal Google presence? It’s just underground enough to attract our attention!

So start your little renegade out right with this game of Memory featuring beautifully designed art cards that function as a classic game. Of course, for the factophiles amongst you, there game provides a lengthy book full of animal facts. But most likely, you and the munchkin will spend most of your time gazing at the lovely imagery, and discussing the artist’s intent, tone, color choices, and use of materials. The aesthetic appeal of this set of cards is what will draw your child in. Surrounding your little one with images of art is an important component in stimulating an art snob, so surely this is a good place to begin. As a side benefit, you’ll be helping her develop a razor sharp visual memory!

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