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Small World – Days of Wonder

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No, we’re not talking about the repetitive, marionette-filled boat ride from a certain theme park that teaches us about acceptance. In fact, this Small World is about conquest! Invade the troll lairs with your Amazon women army! Beef up the defenses for your ogres! Wipe out ratmen to make room for wizards!

This award-winning board game was published in 2009 by Days of Wonder. It’s for 2-5 players and ages 8 and up — perfect for giving your children their first lessons in the attack strategies of magical characters. Players choose from 14 different races, all with unique abilities, who conquer the map and earn points. Think Risk, but with roleplay. The variety of races and passive abilities make for dynamic and varied gameplay; the flying skeletons in one game become berserking skeletons in the next. Don’t let the number of pieces deter you from trying to teach your kids how to play. The game is easily accessible for focused 8-year-olds, with enough depth to satisfy the most seasoned board gamers.

If you aren’t convinced you should make your family play this game with you every minute of everyday yet, consider the artwork. The detailed characters, gorgeous scenery and vivid colors will be appreciated by RPG-loving parents and children alike. With thick-cut, hefty cardboard pieces, this game will last through years of play.

Parents are always trying to find ways to boost their kids’ confidence while they spend time together. If invading your parents’ troll lairs with flying Amazon women doesn’t help with this, I don’t know what would.

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