Decorating Your Kid’s Room With Dungeons and Dragons


If you aren’t already playing D&D with your kids, we’d love to offer a few tips. There’s not a better way in the world to foster family connections (and a collective imagination) than to take on epic quests and monsters together. You’ve taken D&D from your group of nerdy college friends to the table of your nerdy family, and now it’s time to take the next big step: turning the most fanciful room in your house into an honest to goodness adventurer’s lair. Walking into your kids’ awesome D&D bedroom will feel like rolling a hard 20 every time.

The most personal touch you could add to a D&D themed space is a plushie in the likeness of your (or your kid’s) badass character. Etsy shop Geekyandcheeky creates adorable little avatars that make your adventures even more realistic.


Before any character needs a sword or a spell, they need to be able to see. If they can’t cast Orb of Light, they will be needing a torch like this one from Nat Geo.


While there aren’t many games that have more flexibility than D&D, there’s one hard and fast rule: beware the smiling dungeon master. No dragon is as dangerous as a DM with that look in his eye that tells you he’s finally figured out the perfect way to kill you.


Another thing a D&D player simply must have is a set of dice that reflects their personal tastes. What better set for your little hero’s playroom than oversized plushies?


If your kid’s inn requires a warm place to sleep, she’ll be needing the protection of the good ol’ d20 in the form of a duvet cover.


And every showstopping kid’s room absolutely must have an impressive dragon mural. Nothing illicits unbridled imagination more than a wall sized castlescape. Kinda makes me wish my own bedroom decor weren’t so grown up.




  1. Here’s a good Dungeons & Dragons Room– Main approach was to use a muralist–and keep the room dark!

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