Defining Moments in Nerd-dom: Wil Wheaton’s Speech

Back in April, geek icon Wil Wheaton might as well have summarized the entire purpose of this website at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo when he left a verbal time capsule for an audience member’s daughter. Of course, Wesley friggin’ Crusher, a.k.a. Chris Hardwick’s old college roommate, had to be the guy who explained that being a nerd isn’t just about really liking Star Trek, or Star Wars, or Game of Thrones, or any other set of characters and circumstances that exist in fairytale land. To be a nerd, one must only like something. Really like something.

Your cousin who’s obsessed with fantasy baseball and can tell you how many times an unknown batter for a losing baseball team made it to third base last year? That guy’s a sports nerd. Your friend who knows exactly the right combination of makeup products to make you look suitably sexy for any given occasion? She’s a beauty nerd. Your step brother who’s constantly looking up ways to enhance the taste and potency of the ale he’s brewing in his garage online? Beer nerd.

We’re not telling you not to push your interests on your kids, because we have plenty of reasons to prefer you do just that. But keep in mind, for your child to grow up into a nerd, he or she doesn’t have to be a clone of you. Your kid just has to like something. A lot.

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