Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom Based On The Hobbit


The second Hobbit movie, Desolation of Smaug will be out next month and I will probably not be able to contain my excitement for much longer without exploding into a nerd super nova. The movies are geared towards ages 10 and up, but the book is slightly more kid-friendly, so kids of any age could benefit from having a Shire of their own. I’ve assembled the bedroom that I wish I’d had as a kid (after I got over my space phase) back around the time the Lord of the Rings movies were first coming out, and I know your little adventurer will love it.

Hobbits are colorful people, so choosing the right paint color will be a big deal. One user created this Shire-esque color scheme while trying to find colors for her own hobbit-themed room.

wall colors hobbit


She used the site Design Seeds, a pretty awesome site for deciding on color schemes. Or you could paint a mural, like this one from Mural Joe.

mural joe hobbit


The first thing any hobbit needs if he’s going to make it to Erebor is a map. Luckily enough Etsy user Liselle Made has a perfect replica from the movie, which in turn is a perfect replica of the map J.R.R. Tolkien himself drew for the first printing of The Hobbit back in the day. This would look great hung up on the wall.

 hobbit map

Etsy store Heatherwood Crafts  also has a number of beautiful wood burnings, many of them quotes from the grand Hobbit himself, including this one:

a star shines hobbit


The Tengwar (Elvish) is pronounced, “Elen sila lumenn’ omentielvo,” See, Dad, and you said learning Elvish wasn’t practical!


There are a ton of different wall hangings, posters, and paintings, to pick though on Etsy, but Bilbo’s door itself from Silverado Studios has to be the best idea ever. Not only is is adorable, but it even has the rune Gandalf inscribed to help Thorin’s party find their burglar!

hobbit door

Back in the dark days of Tolkien fandom, before the first trilogy came out, when we wanted to watch a movie set in Middle Earth, we were limited to this darling travesty.

Your retro Hobbit fan can count the hours of their adventures on a clock made from the original soundtrack vinyl. It’s OK. No one wants to listen to the cheesiness of The Greatest Adventure anymore when they could be listening to this awesome rendition of The Misty Mountains Cold.


Cruise around Society6 shop Little People for a lot of really diabetes-inducing, adorable drawings that you can turn into all sorts of products (like we covered in our Studio Ghibli Bedroom article). Seriously, do it. I can wait. My favorite by far are her Tolkien drawings, including this adorable depiction of Gandalf on a pillow.


gandalf pillow hobbit

Let those admitted only on party business know they’re welcome with door decals that are adorably wise to downright sassy.

you shall not pass


Your adventurers can hide their own treasures in a hideaway book like this one.

hideaway book

Or you can use these directions to DIY a favored copy as a fun project with your sneaky hobbitses. They can even snuggle down at camp in their traveling cloaks each night with their own knitted Bilbo plushie.

Of course, if you REALLY want to go for extra credit, these people made their very own hobbit house.

hobbit bedroom



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