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Devil Duckie

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Oh, look at those little duckies floating in the water. Awwwww! Gosh darn, they’re cute, huh? All that yellow, soft fur and orange feet, it’s just too much cuteness to take right now. But hey, wait a second–what’s that? Do you see that? It looks like a duck but a, a red duck? Yeah, it is! And are those horns? They can’t be. Eyes are deceiving right now. Wait. Whoa. Ummm. Yeah. That’s totally a red duck with horns with an unhappy look on it’s face. Maybe it’s time we get out of here, kids. Those angry eyebrows are none too welcoming.

Devil Duckies are sinful, bathtime fun, and nothing like the regular rubber ducky toys your little devils are used to playing with. With a look that only Satan and his followers would find adorable, the arched eyebrows of this red, squeaky, duck toy from the depths of Hell makes time in the bathtub time that will want to be extended by the evil spawn you bore none too long ago. His tiny horns and red, rubber body is supposed to be evil, but after a while you’ll even find yourself coddling the duckie demon during your own time in the bath. They say it’s good to be bad; so why not give into that? Life is lived much better this way.

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