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Devo 2.0

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Many musicians have tweaked their own catalog for the enjoyment of younger New Wavers the world over; while some have done a fabulous job receiving accolades from older crowds who spent their younger years worshipping their every release, others have come up short and not as successful. But for the members of New Wave heroes, Devo, devising a kid friendly band (Devo 2.0) and album won over critics and naysayers who didn’t believe that a Devo-geared kids band was possible.

That’s exactly what New York Times critic Tammy La Gorce thought the first time she traipsed upon this idea. While she first felt that Devo joining forces with a few 10-13 year-old kids was a failure-in-the-making, it didn’t take long before she realized she was wrong. “2.0, more than anything, is the anti-Kidz Bop: here are five kids deeply in touch with their dorky sides in the same way their weirdly dressed mentors were, and here are five kids who can sing with distinction. Add to that the danceability of these tracks, and all the naysaying seems baselessly grouchy.”

If you’re wondering exactly what Devo 2.0 actually is, its five kids who’ve skillfully mastered Devo hits like, “Whip It,” “Freedom of Choice,” and “Big Mess,” making the tracks all their own. The original red-hated nerdoes, Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald V. Casale, direct all 11 music videos for this CD/DVD package. Older fans may be surprised at the revamping of some of their original songs like “Girl U Want,” in order to make it more accommodating for lead Devo 2.0 front woman, Nicole, to sing. So if you’re a true Devo fan through and through, there’s no doubt that this Devo kids album will brighten your day as well as your tiny soon-to-be Devo fanatics as well.

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