Is ‘Diablo III’ Family-Friendly?


My husband sets his alarm two hours early every day. Is it so he can see the sunrise? No, although it is early enough to catch the first morning light. Is it to go for a jog? Nope. He sets his alarm early so he can play Diablo III before he has to go out and face his day. Our family’s little oasis is perpetually filled with demon slaying.

We love all things Blizzard. We’ve played WoW for many years, and finally fulfilled our dream of heading out to Blizzcon last year. We dig Hearthstone, we ladder in SC2, and we can’t wait to play Heroes of the Storm. But since the Diablo expansion came out last month, there has been only one game: D3.

The anniversary of Diablo III’s rocky launch finds us during a very important and uncertain time in our lives: the impending birth of our first kid. I’m sure my husband’s obsession has something to do with the fact that we have no idea how much time we’ll be able to find for games in the next year (18 years?) and he’s trying to cram in as much as he can. But the intersection of Diablo’s anniversary and our swiftly approaching due date also has us wondering how families incorporate things like the sometimes gory and dark world of Sanctuary into their daily lives.

The thing about Nerdy With Children is that we try pretty hard to encourage everyone to share their geekiness with their family, regardless of how huge the hurdle of age-appropriateness may seem. There’s always a way.

When it comes to D3 (and lots of other things you may not expect to be able to share with kids like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones), that way begins at Funko Pop!

We love these doe-eyed little monsters, and hope our kids will too. Diablo is just sooo maniacal.


When it comes to shirts that are pretty awesome and nerdy in the best way possible, Jinx has been winning the game ever since they partnered with Blizzard. My favorites are the vintage style tees like this DiaBLO bubble gum number.


There’s nothing out there that makes us feel more justified in loving our fave ‘verse quite like the existence of a custom minifig on Etsy. Here’s an adorable little LEGO demon hunter! Awww! DemonHunterBricks has some pretty sweet non-D3 stuff too.



The best way to make D3 family friendly? A doll, of course. Tyreal can just sit on your couch and warn your Nephalum family when you’re about to pick something bad on Netflix! Want.

Pretty sure if our family were to find a blank wall somewhere that needed a prominent decal, this would be the perfect one. I’m bookmarking it.


Are you into Diablo 3 and Adventure Time? Well then you are incredibly lucky! This print will make your worlds collide.


It may be all well and good for you to saturate your home with D3 stuff so everyone knows exactly what your family is all about, but how will you know when your kids are ready for some virtual demon slaying? That’s entirely up to you. Pretty sure my husband will start playing D3 with the baby as soon as she can hold up her own head.




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