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Diana Mini

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Digital is dead. The future is the past. If you don’t currently own a roll of film, your super-hip children will soon be taunting you. Instagram fakes it, but your little anachronist can have the real thing with the Diana Mini Camera, a gorgeous throwback to a time before your child was even conceived.

Seriously though, this retro looking camera is not a nod to Ludditism or being hip for hip’s sake. Framing a photograph requires a bit more thought and effort when you can’t take 20 shots and delete the 19 that suck. This camera is a teaching tool! Instant gratification is a thing of the present, but using an actual camera can help your child understand that forethought and purposefulness are required to create a photograph that is artistic, rather art-tastic.

This camera even comes with a tripod, which can be a helpful prop for your energetic and adrenalized little one, allowing them to set up a steady shot. Once Junior has framed a gorgeous shot, taken your pic, and developed it in your nascent, tiny darkroom (gives you an excuse to build one!), you’ll have exclusive photos that Facebook doesn’t own (that is if you can resist digitizing your child’s genius).

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