Diaper Parties For Dads To Be

Cocktail party? Fun! Count me in. Birthday party? Awesome, I’ll be there! Halloween Party? Sure, I’d go to one of those. Diaper party? Gee, yeah… I would but I already have plans to um… have Ebola that day. No, I’d love to be there but I’ll be busy coughing up blood and…

If I were to get invited to a diaper party, I might imagine it was at its best like a Tupperware party with slightly different wares to hock and at its worst? It could range from a bad judgment call in decorating to a really weird potluck. In fact, it’s more akin to a baby shower and yes, sometimes guests actually do bring diapers for the guest of honor.

Putting gender politics aside, there are events in our lives that have become elevated to the level of the ever-present exclamation mark. Things like a bachelorette party! A wedding! For the most part, many of these ever-exciting things are geared towards women and they now involve a bevy of required parties. If a proper lady wants to get married she must first watch strangers gyrate in front of her while donning glowing, be-necklaced, or edible versions of certain body parts. She also has to be confined in a room occupied primarily by her grandmother’s friends while she opens gifts often involving a theme. ‘Help stock the new couple’s kitchen’ for example.

If said woman, God forbid, would like to do something even more drastic, like produce offspring, well then there are classes, mommy groups, and some arcane ritual known as a baby shower. Not that it’s all bad. Getting presents is always a good thing and it is nice to mark these types of occasions with something more than weird, inquisitive strangers asking if they can touch your belly in the supermarket. It’s much more fun to have all your friends get all exclamation mark-y with you and yes, some if not all of the advice is welcome, especially if you’re a first timer in the kid having game.
But who says that women need to have all the fun?

Meet the diaper party, also known as a dadchelor party or, as I call it, a way for guys to be treated to the same sort of excursion with all its awfulness and awesomeness. It’s a well-deserved counterpart to the baby shower. With 21st century dads as a full part of the parenting equation — no more smoking cigars, drinking beer and playing lawn darts in the backyard with his buddies while his partner takes care of all things baby — why not give him one last chance to um… smoke cigars, drink beer and play lawn darts in the backyard with his buddies? (Or the modern day equivalent.)

Diaper parties are a way of getting free diapers but even more than that, they’re a celebration of a new stage in a soon-to-be daddio’s life mixed with a pinch of mourning the loss of the freedom to play yard games involving sharp implements. Babies aren’t good with lawn darts I hear.

The specifics of what goes on at these parties depends on the guy in question. Some guys choose to indulge in weekend getaways and others go simple, grabbing a beer and a burger and exchanging parenting advice. Pub crawls, visits to shooting ranges, and Las Vegas have all been done. For the nerdier dads-to-be one might turn beer-drinking night into beer brewing night — including discussions about hops and proper fermentation temperatures in between those about your impending lack of sleep. Giant D&D tournaments, biking scavenger hunts, trips to arcades to play some alcohol-fueled games of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Battlestar Galactica marathons are certainly not to be overlooked when planning one of these daddy-centric extravaganzas. Mostly, it boils down to this: Parenting is a heck of a lot easier when you don’t go it alone. Having buddies to commiserate with makes any loss of freedom that comes with a new baby better. A diaper party is a celebration of a new generation of geek. It’s kind of apropos to indulge in our nerdiest whims and desires not just to mourn the loss of them, but also to welcome a new little nerd into the world. If all that doesn’t sell you on the diaper party perhaps these sci-fi and video game themed cloth diapers will pique your interests:

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