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Dingo Devo Print

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Red flower pots turned upside down and worn as hats have always been synonymous with 70s new wave darlings, Devo. As an American musical dynasty from Akron, Ohio, the Mothersbaugh twins (Mark and Bob — singers and guitarists for Devo), made wearing said pots a cool thing. While “whipping it” real good, they espoused the concept of de-evolution: instead of continuing to evolve man has actually regressed, which is proven by the dysfunction and herd-like mentality Americans. Whether or not you agree with this concept is purely up to you, but for the guys of Devo, this is a way of life, and a concept that helped create a band that paved the way for future new wave, industrial, and “alternative” rock bands.

In commemoration of this beloved band from outer space, Etsy artist Chet Phillips has created a series entitled “Musical Pets.” In this specific Devo-centered illustration, Chet portrays the band as a synthy group of Australian canines. Approximately 4.5’ by 6.5”, this image — also available in a set of trading cards — is presented with an 8” by 10” beveled mat with a sturdy backing, making it ready for you and your little Devo-ettes to hang on the wall pronto. Adding color to any room courtesy of dingoes has become a Devo-lution in home decorating décor.

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