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Dinosaur Backpack

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Ever popular responses whenever a child is asked what they want to be when they grow up: astronaut, policeman, dinosaur.

While the first two take substantial work, education, and specialized training, becoming a dinosaur is as simple as slinging this dino daysack on your kid’s back and compelling them to roar at passing strangers. The pouch is great for carrying the multitude of accoutrements that must accompany any young child: spare clothing, blankets, juice boxes, and stuffed animals.

Among the various security features listed is a leash. Seriously. Now, if you’re not a parent and you see others with a leash strapped to their kid it’s tempting to think about how you would never, ever do that to your child. And then you have one, a terrible two year old whose sole ambition is to mirror the dinosaurs further and get themselves killed any way possible. And suddenly a rope tied to your child suddenly seems like a marvelous idea.

This amazingly awesome daysack also comes with a removable, weatherproof hood; it’s common knowledge that dinosaurs abhorred getting their heads wet. It ruined their hairdos. You can head on over to Amazon to pick one up and begin the metamorphosis from terrible two year old to terrible lizard.

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