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Dinosaur Batman Returns Print

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We all know that we can’t really encourage our kids to be Batman, what with vigilantism generally frowned on by civilized societies, but there is one rewarding and honored profession that we can push our children toward that will allow us to live a life of excitement through them vicariously: Paleontology.

Think about it. Batman has many things in common with your average paleontologist. No, seriously, hear me out. He uses a combination of scientific analysis paired with the latest cutting edge technology to solve mysteries of great importance (mass extinction, anyone?). He has traveled the world, visiting its remotest corners in search of the ancient truths. Just like any paleontologist, he cuts a fine profile while riding atop a triceratops.

Though not exactly canon, Batman’s own cloned pet dinosaur isn’t really that far of a stretch. He’s got the resources. He’s got the connections. He has a frickin’ cave to house the thing. With rumors of both a Batman reboot and a new installment of the Jurassic Park franchise on the horizon, I smell opportunity.

Back to the original point, we can encourage our kids to travel the path of Batman the Paleontologist with the wonderfully kitschy Dinosaur Batman Returns Print by Joe Carr. This brightly-colored image of a very noble-looking Batman astride a triceratops will make an excellent addition to your young scientist’s room and will be a subtle and constant reminder of the awesomeness your child can achieve with a little hard work and multi-billionare backers. This print is also available on stationary, iPhone cases, and iPod and iPad skins through

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