Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension

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Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension

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A mysterious force transports a boy and his friend to a distant magical world, where they must overcome seemingly impossible odds in order to return home to their own mundane existence. Formulaic? Perhaps. But often following a formula helps a story teller reach deeply into the human psyche and speak to more primal aspects of our being, to explore themes so basic to our nature that we aren’t fully aware of them. That is, after all, the root of the Hero’s Journey.

Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension brings the hero’s journey into the 21st century as it follows Lance, a teen whose addiction to massively multiplayer online role playing games has negatively impacted his real world life. Lance’s escapes from his awkward interactions in the real world into the rich world of Discordia evolve beyond metaphor when he and his online friend MrsKeller are literally transported into Discordia by a powerful being called TheGreatOne. In order to return home, they must embark on a dangerous quest to retrieve a powerful artifact from the sorceress Alchemia.

Discordia is one of a growing genre of young adult fiction that attempts to merge the worlds of literature and gaming. While it’s not perfect, it is engaging and could be a gateway for your more computer savvy children to get into books. The text and dialogue are rich with the lexicon of MMOs as much of the character interactions take place via chat logs during gameplay. It even comes with a glossary for MMO terminology and concepts so readers won’t get too lost.

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