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Discover More: Technology

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In the last ten years we have seen technology evolve at a rate that has never been witnessed on Earth. Fortunately, scientists expect that technological innovation will keep getting faster. It seems like only yesterday, that we had those old Nokias that could not only hammer nails with, but waste time playing that stupid Snake game.

Kids today are growing up in a world of swipes and 3d CGI. The world never seems to pause, so how can we get them acquainted with the evolution of tech? Luckily, Scholastic has published, Discover More: Technology, a book that will inform your techie in training about the past, present, and future of the tech industry.

The book covers topics such as; robotics, gaming, and human engineering. Your kid will be able to teach you how to build a gaming rig, in no time. The book even includes a glossary in the back to help your child if she stumbles upon a word and needs to look it up.

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