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Dixit The Boardgame

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One of my best and worst memories as a child was family board game night. Although I adored spending cold winter nights drinking cocoa and trying to humiliate family members, the only game we owned was Monopoly. Given the fact that my older brother is a “numbers guy” who now owns three real-life properties in Phoenix, you can imagine who always emerged the victor — hence, the “worst memories” part, which usually involved me pouting and having to sit through a lecture on sore losers.

Had we played Dixit instead, things would have been very different in my house.

Dixit is an amazingly simple, but fun-for-all-ages game that puts those of us who aren’t wrapped up in greedy capitalist ventures (no offense Monopoly, you’re still awesome) at a total advantage. Players begin with handfuls of oversized cards that feature beautiful pictures. One at a time, players discreetly select one of their cards and begin to describe it as best as they can. In the meantime, his or her opponents secretly choose a card from their deck that they feel best meets that description. The chosen cards are shuffled and put on display, and players then vote on the card that was chosen by the active player. With each correct answer, both the guesser and active player receive points.

It’s a brilliant party game perfect for children ages 8 and older that encourages even the most Carnegie-esque kiddies to give adjectives their due respect once in a while.

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