DIY Minecraft Cookies

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Are you and your kids spending hours mining and building all sorts of creations on Minecraft? Are you possibly killing Creepers in your dreams? Do your dreams involve you making minecraft cookies? If so, it seems like you’re caught up in this Minecraft craze that has been going on. This pixelated world has caught the attention of gamers everywhere. Even if you don’t play, you still know what it is.

So it only seems natural that people start making baked goods based off the game, right?


Here’s a recipe to make Minecraft sugar cookies by It comes with a set of downloadable templates as well so you can decorate your cookies to look like Steve, creepers, pig, or sheep.


Mmmmm….sugar cookies.


Alright, clean up that drool and listen up. What you’re going to need to make Steve cookies:

A sugar cookie recipe that you like
A square cookie cutter
Royal icing – in dark brown, light brown, beige, blue, and white
Food coloring marker
Icing bags and a #2 tip

Well go ahead and bake those cookies. Use your square cookie cutter to get them in, well, squares. Once they’re done baking and cooling, we can move on to the fun part.


While the cookies are cooling, you might want to download and print out the Steve template. This would also be a good time to check and see if the printer has ink. Just saying.

Once the cookies are done cooling, use the food coloring marker to make eight rows and eight columns, giving you 64 squares to fill in.

Use the template to guide you in filling in the squares with icing. Mark the squares before adding the icing to prevent any mistakes (I mean you made it this far, how much would it suck to mess up at this point?).  Once you’ve added one color on all the cookies, sit back, and let them dry before going on and adding another color.

You’re essentially going to repeat those steps for every color. Once you finish decorating, let the icing dry overnight before stacking them.

If you want to make Creeper cookies, follow those same steps. The only difference is you’ll need black, light, medium and dark green royal icing. The same goes for the pig and sheep cookies. Once you’ve made all the cookies your block building heart desires, you can go ahead and eat them all or share with your fellow Minecrafters. Preferably, I would just eat them all. Enjoy!


  1. Lily Jasmine

    looks awesome! I’m definitely doing this for my brother’s Christmas or birthday presents this year.

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