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DJ Rock Dock

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When things collide, the results tend to be seismic — unless you’re Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis in Armageddon and you fly into space and kick an asteroids ass in order to prevent the world from destruction. But because life isn’t a Hollywood movie, any real case of this happening would probably result in us shattering into space matter. That would hurt — a lot — and most of us don’t wish to perish from the Earth anytime soon.

Fortunately, when Apple’s iPod and the DJ Rock Dock from Smartlab came together, the Earth’s crust didn’t melt, tsunami’s didn’t swallow the world, and we were all free from pain and hurty stuff. Instead, one of the most inventive musical implements formed a bond with its new speaker dock/home; they formed a relationship that has now flourished into something beautiful, and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced because you are not an electronic item.

The DJ Rock Dock is a dock you can rock while you’re popping locks in your skeleton leg hugger socks; a music dock that you can build yourself and use with either your iPod or iPhone. It’s old school and new school technology coming together and not blowing up the world. It’s fantastic! Your little one can even build the rock dock themselves and learn the basics of how electronics and amplification works. And what do you know? There’s no tools required. How cool and un-Armageddon-like is that?

Want to have a bad day? Then watch this video.

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