Do Not Pass Go (Without Shotgun): The Walking Dead Monopoly & Risk

Walking Dead Survival Edition

Fun fact: Monopoly was originally designed to educate us about the evils of private land ownership. In 1932, creator Elizabeth Magie sold Parker Brothers the rights to her zillion dollar idea for $500, so we know she took her vaguely anti-capitalist principles seriously. Ironically, most of the more recent editions of what she originally titled the Landlord’s Game glorify predatory businessmen, but perhaps The Walking Dead: Survival Edition could help get her point across. Afterall, greed turns people into zombies.

As can zombie bites, which is something this rendition of a classic timekiller will teach your kids to avoid. You say kids don’t play board games anymore? You say they’re too preoccupied tweeting about Grand Theft Auto on their iPads to appreciate any form of entertainment that involves human-to-human interaction and a few hours of commitment? Is anyone, ever, too preoccupied for zombies?! NO. NO ONE IS EVER TOO PREOCCUPIED FOR ZOMBIES EVER.

It would be impractical to build hotels and bargain for real estate after zombies have eaten almost everyone on Earth. Therefore, players exchange caches of food and bullets instead of cash, and all the Monopoly game pieces and property cards have been replaced by items and environs from The Walking Dead. IGN notes that players can represent themselves as a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire, or a bucket filled with severed hands and feet – way cooler than a top hat or an old shoe, amirite?

IGN also reports that Hasbro Walking Dead-ified another one of its timeless rec room staples – RISK. RISK: The Walking Dead Survival Edition looks quite like the original RISK, except players attempt to conquer the Southeastern U.S. instead of the world and cope with attacks from randomly generated undead hordes. Both games are slated for release late next month.

Risk The Waling Dead Survival Edition

It seems entirely plausible that some youngsters out there clamor for Walking Dead comics and/or a chance to soak up the AMC show, but their moms and dads hesitate to expose impressionable minds to wanton, over-the-top carnage. Either of these games could allow kiddles to vicariously enjoy the thrill of tagging along with Rick and his crew, without witnessing any dismemberments or eviscerations or any of that delightful nastiness.

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