Dollhouses Be Damned: This is Roominate!


Dollhouses can be so drab. You go to the store looking for a dollhouse, and none of them resonate with your daughter, because they’re all, well, the same. Same middle-class exterior, same floor plan, same furnishings. Same, same, same. What happens to these toy companies, the ones that offer such interesting toys in other departments, when it comes to designing doll houses? It’s as if none of the higher-ups have little girls, creative spirits or minds of their own.


Worse yet, dollhouses aren’t typically made for geeks. Stuck somewhere between the ’50s homemaker aesthetic and Malibu Barbie, dollhouses seem to be marketed to lame-o parents rather than their modern kids.  So what can an alternative parent do? You could try making one, but unless you’ve got a lot of patience, the right tools, the spare time and know-how to make it work, you’re looking at possibly the scrubbiest dollhouse in recent memory. No, what you need is a way to let your kids imagine their own custom dollhouse, one that stimulates the kind of play that is unique to their personality.

Roominate does this quite well. Roominate is a wired dollhouse kit with which your child can build the perfect dollhouse to fit her style. Every kit comes with four walls and floor panels, 24 modular building pieces (for making furniture and objects), 16 connector pieces (to help assemble it), and a circuit pack (because tech makes a better dollhouse). There are also plenty of decorations. Add all this to your kid’s  imagination, and she will be able to create a personalized masterpiece.

The beauty of Roominate is that the child builds from the ground up in any way she chooses. This toy might even work for an open-minded boy, who sees a dollhouse more as a dwelling than a place to put a bunch of girlie stuff. So kudos to the minds behind Roominate for looking beyond what’s expected and offering something diverse, new and inspiring for girls and boys alike.

Roominate is available here.

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