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Donkey Kong Jenga

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They never make it easy for Mario, do they? He’s had enough trouble over the years holding onto Princess Peach, but she always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and gets kidnapped (again). Is she picking flowers… alone? Is she going out for a stroll… alone? You’d think she’d have an escort by now that didn’t involve inept Toads. Mario’s troubles with women all started with the task of rescuing Pauline from her simian kidnapper in Donkey Kong.

Now with Donkey Kong Jenga, it’s not enough to merely traverse the usual construction site after the ape, players must also pull the girders out from under Mario while he climbs. C’est la vie, no?

Much like the original Jenga, you and your children take turns pulling Donkey Kong-themed pieces from the tower, hoping that it doesn’t collapse in a pile of steel and crushed dreams. This Jenga version comes with four custom Mario pieces, and a Donkey Kong spinner. Your Mario must reach the top first (in addition to keeping the tower upright); whoever is the first to reach Pauline, wins! Jenga Donkey Kong is a perfect match of Jenga and old school gaming that your whole family will enjoy.

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