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Don’t Settle For Less T-Shirt

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For the little gamer who has his or her roads mapped out before the game even starts, the kind of settler who knows exactly what ratio of resources to pick up and when, where to build them, and how to do it faster than anyone else: we have a shirt for you. You’re trade savvy, picking up the right resources at the right time, and shutting everyone else out so they all come flocking to you. By the time they get to use those precious commodities, you’ve already brushed your masterstroke across the land of Catan, and now you’re dominating the board, again. You know exactly what it takes to build your settlement, and you’d never build it any other way.

This kids shirt based on the critically acclaimed board game Settlers of Catan tells the world that this pilgrimage is far from your kid’s first, and won’t be their last. Everyone else better take this only-comes-in-brown shirt seriously, lest it be the last time they get access to wood, or sheep, or whatever resource your nerdling is hoarding at the time. Give them nothing, and take from them, everything. Sheep, that is… we don’t want anyone losing their dignity.

Now we’re going to make your ears bleed.

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