Doodle Duvet Cover

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Doodle Duvet Cover

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The seven year-old version of me loved, loved, loved Kay Thompson’s book, Eloise. I adored this book for a lot of reasons. Eloise had a dog that would let her dress it in sunglasses and feather boas. She could run amuck in the New York Plaza hotel’s elevators all day long. But most of all, I loved Eloise because she could draw on her walls. I was definitely not allowed to do that.

I wanted to sit sideways on my bed, wear a stethoscope, and write my name all over my pink walls anytime I deemed it appropriate. I was a weird seven year-old.

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the most incredible thing ever invented. Stitch’s Doodle Duvet Cover. It’s not the walls, but it’s a pretty creative way to keep the wall art at bay should you happen to have an aspiring Eloise in your house.

To honor the smaller me who would have wanted this so badly, I think you owe it to all of your seven year-olds to grace their beds with this 200 thread-count Turkish cotton duvet cover fashioned to look like a giant piece of notebook paper. In all its lined and red margined glory, this is a place where doodling is unquestionably okay. Kids can use the included washable pens to draw whatever comes to mind while they’re sitting sideways on their bed wearing a stethoscope or, if they’re a little less strange than that long ago littler version of me, not wearing a stethoscope.

When they’ve moved on to a new period in their artistic career, their masterpieces come out in the wash, so the little artists can write, doodle, and sketch again and again. You owe this to them if you do not have an elevator, a concierge, or a dog who puts up with polarized eyewear and gaudy boas.

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