Doodle Tablecloth: The Easy Way to Draw on Tables


We’ve been talking a lot of late about graffiti, and encouraging kids to be free with their artistic expression. We’ve been telling kids it’s OK to write on walls (or at least on a peel-and-stick tic-tac-toe wall hanging). And we’ve suggested that they doodle all over the driveway and sidewalk with 3-D chalk. But we haven’t given them a safe way to write on the furniture … yet.

I know my kid loves writing on tables. Normally, when inspiration strikes, I have to run and get paper to quickly slip beneath her marker before it hits the surface of our beautiful hardwood dining room table. Sometimes I am too slow. She’s gotten better about it, waiting for the paper, that is. But there are those times when I wish she could just let loose and draw, without having to notify the parent police.

Then came this …


Oh man, how cool is that? A table cloth on which you can draw like crazy, then wash it and start all over. No more sprinting for the art supply box to retrieve that giant pad of paper. No more trying to scrub the permanent marker from the dining room table without removing the finish. It’s right there, all ready to be drawn on over and over again. There’s even a graph pattern, so the little ones can keep their lines straight.


The 10-pack of fabric markers offers a pretty wide array of colors. Rest assured, though, that if left to their own devices, kids will bring in crayons and permanent markers. This may require some vigilance on the parent’s part. But hell, it’s better than your grand oak 8-seater falling prey to a Sharpie in one of your child’s creative spurts.

And imagine the utility of such a nifty thing, you sitting there on the phone or computer, and suddenly, you need to jot something down and a pad of paper is nowhere to be found. Dang it! Write it right there on the table … cloth, that is. Have your friends over for a dinner-and-drawing party. Oh, the possibilities.

But seriously, this is for the kids, OK?

The Doodle Tablecloth is available at Firebox.

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