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Dr Martens 5 Eyelet Black Patent Boot

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Who doesn’t remember their first pair of Doc Martens? If you were anything like me, you agonized over picking the perfect color and then excitedly slipped them on, fumbling awkwardly with the laces. The first few steps in a pair of ‘Docs’ made you feel invincible. In a matter of seconds, walking became exciting and edgy and you wanted to keep going forever. Thanks to those famous Dr. Marten air-cushioned soles, the whole world suddenly became a much bouncier place.

If you don’t remember this defining moment, you’ve obviously taken wayyyyy too many unnatural substances in your life and have forgotten. Hippie.

These days, Docs aren’t just for rebellious adult punks.Turns out, mini-punks can have bad-ass kicks now, too.

Through you can purchase authentic “Made In England” Dr. Martens shoes in an array of different styles. If you want the boot that started it all, the 5 Eyelet Black Patent Boot is definitely fitting for your punk’s wittle feeties.

These shiny black boots come with the traditional yellow stitching and are also available in green. Both colors are made with real patent leather uppers. The air-cushioned soles are Goodyear welted, welt-stitched and heat-sealed so these shoes will become one hand-me-down other lucky punky kids will be excited to inherit.

Further punkify your babe’s boots with colorful laces and throw on a patched-up leather jacket, and your tot’s threads will send the message to everyone that conformity is for other families, not yours. Toss in a tank top and mohawk and before you know it your little punk will be sitting in his or her rocked-out bedroom telling you all about how today’s hardcore shows are just so blasé.

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