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Dr Roth Cardigan

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I love thoughtful clothing—clothes that tell a story and have a reason for being. Believe it or not, meaningful designs can be found in children’s sizes, as well.

Furious Kingston clothing is the brainchild of Australian designer and mom “Cherry Rockette.” Cherry takes great pride (as she should) in delivering boys’ fashion that is sturdy, comfortable, has “character,” and doesn’t rely on the same old clothing symbols (i.e. pictures of fire-breathing dragons and racecars) to convey their boyishness. She considers moms, lil’ guys, and dads her customers; her fun and classic pieces — cardigans, vests, t-shirts, cords, jeans — can easily transition from school or formal outing to the playground.

Furious Kingston’s Dr. Roth Cardigan serves as a perfect example of what you can expect from the brand. The soft wool blend knit, in shades of deepest vintage blue, cream, and chocolate, can be dressed up or down, and worn with jeans, slacks, or over long shorts. The beauty of this sweater is that it seems to take itself so seriously, yet you just know it is winking behind your back. Yes, of course your son’s report card will reflect that of the most insufferable prep, but his soul is all Ponyboy Curtis in this cardigan. The Dr. Roth Cardigan comes in Aussie sizes 1 through 8.

If you still aren’t convinced you should support Furious Kingston, consider this: Cherry makes a butterfly/moth tee that looks absolutely badass. How does she do it? I have no idea. Why does she do it? Because her son likes butterflies and dragons and why the heck shouldn’t he?

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