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Doctor Who Lamp

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I ask a friend about the new blue lamp sitting on his end table, with a base shaped like a phone booth, not realizing he’s a Whovian. “Where’s the note that says, ‘For Milo, who has plenty of time?,’” I ask. “No wait, I get it. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” “It’s not a toll booth or a phone booth,” he says, disgusted. “But it is a time machine. It’s the TARDIS.” “Tardus?” I say. “As in slow? That’s a funny name for a time machine.”

A functioning TARDIS, to be exact, with sound effects, flashing lights, and doors that open. My friend’s little Whovian can fit his action figures in there. Amy and the Doctor adorn half of the double-sided lampshade. “I’d prefer the Fourth Doctor,” my friend admits, “but the Eleventh has had a good run. Amy, too. I hope her replacement can fill her shoes.”

I ask if by “functioning” he means it can also time-travel. I suggest we go back to 1879 to see when the incandescent light bulb was first invented. We can visit both Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison. That would be poetic. If nothing else it would make a good episode of the BBC sci-fi series.

Alas, neither of us is a Time Lord. But clearly the Doctor Who lamp still makes a nifty conversation piece, and great addition to your nerdling’s room!



  1. Christine Henderson

    When will more of these lamps be in stock?

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