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Quick, what’s the best method of getting your kids to engage in a learning activity without getting bored? If your answer was make a game out of it, then you probably had less difficulty teaching your kids than many other parents out there. I don’t blame you, you’re not the only one who feels this way. I prefer to think of it less like a trick, and more like “practical learning management”. Fortunately, someone out there who understands learning thought so, too, and they’ve developed an excellent app for your iPad, iPhone, or Android called Dragon Box, that teaches your kids algebra while they’re blissfully unaware that they are actually learning something.

Your kids will be incentivized to solve algebra puzzles to help hatch a dragon that remains trapped in its egg. They will want to put colorful pictures together that reinforce the basics of algebraic equations, without even using numbers, so that their dragon can grow. Then, when the pictures are removed, and all that is left are numbers, their basic math skills and memory take over, and your kids are now problem solvers.

It seems simple, because it is. It looks fun, because they made it to be fun. While your kids are playing through each colorful world of Dragon Box, they’ll be learning without even knowing it, and that’s the way to do it.

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