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Dragon Face Strategy Game

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It’s no secret that strategic games can help develop critical thinking skills and other crucial mental gymnastics. Games like Chess, Reversi, or Go feature simple rules that result in deep strategic thinking that can take years to master. It practically goes without saying that these are the games you want you kids playing, not only for the cerebral pay-off, but also for the rich and satisfying gameplay that you can enjoy as a family.

Dragon Face presents a great entry game for your young Bobby Fisher to start developing strategic thinking skills before stepping up to a more complicated game like Chess. The game combines aspects of Chess, Reversi, and Checkers as players battle for position on its 11 by 9 grid. The ultimate goal is to capture your opponent’s emperor piece, which is easier said than done as extending your pieces into enemy territory risks losing them to your opponent. And, like Reversi, capture pieces don’t just go away; they fall under the control of the other player, bolstering their forces.

This innovative game will make a great addition to your family game night, and its durable storage canister make it ideal for taking on road trips, further solidifying it as a must for any gaming enthusiast’s family.

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