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Dragon Quest Tonbrero Plushie

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Playing Dragon Quest as a kid was an odd experience. I don’t know about you, but I was always drawn to the bridges. There weren’t guides back then, and since you could go anywhere you wanted, I figured I’d cross these bridges to look for more exciting stuff. What followed was typically an enemy that was much too strong for me, and I’d get killed, and sent back to the king, who apparently didn’t think this sort of thing was a big deal. Naturally, I got more acquainted with the smaller, cuter monsters on this side of the bridge. After spending some time with them, I learned to appreciate the lesser, smaller creatures. They were actually pretty nice, apart from the fact that they tried to attack me, and I was committing the genocide of their species for more XP.

Years later, I encountered Tonbrero, but I let him live. How could I attack such an adorable pig in a sombrero? Instead, we became good friends, and I left to attack other, less cute monsters for my XP. Now Tonbrero is a plush toy, and he’s just as cute as he was before. Your kids should be friends with Tonbrero, too. He’s that adorable.

Pig in a sombrero!

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