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Dragon Quest VIII Yangus Action Figure

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Every great Hero needs some hired muscle, and it’s even better when that strength character turns out to be a pretty good friend along the way. Yangus started out that way, as a cockney accent-slinging, thieving brigand, until he decided to give it all up and walk the line. This didn’t work for long, but a chance encounter with the Hero of Dragon Quest VIII led Yangus to reconsider his life of crime, and he swore an oath of loyalty to a Hero who saved his life when it wasn’t necessary.

Yangus made for a decent party member throughout Dragon Quest VIII, tanking for my squishier characters, and dishing out the punishment with his trusty axe. His accent was also quite entertaining, though the game itself did tend to be a bit grindy.

In this form, we find Yangus standing resolute and on guard, ready to defend your kids from the horrible forces of blue slimes, and other colorful creatures. The figure itself is detailed, can be posed, and has a solid base, just like the character it portrays. It’s not likely your kids will need much help from Yangus in real life, but he sure would look stalwart sitting on their mantle.

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