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Dragon Silhouette Bookend Set

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Fact: A respectable collection of fantasy literature needs a suitable set of bookends. Do you really want your signed hard cover of “Game of Thrones” pressed unceremoniously against a generic, plain bookend or, worse, whatever heavy object happened to be handy? Your complete annotated set of “The Lord of the Rings,” including “The Silmarillion,” of course, deserves better than to be smashed between a brick and that participation award you received when you played soccer in middle school.

Instead, show off your impressive collection of imaginative fiction with the Dragon Silhouette Bookend Set. This pair of seven-inch-tall sturdy metal bookends cut into the elegant profile of two dragons will handsomely hold your favorite fantasy works in place.

Get a set to keep your kids’ Harry Potter books well separated from the less fantastical children’s books that line their shelves. Any budding fantasy aficionado will enthusiastically organize their books once these bookends are in their hands.

These handy organizers aren’t just for books, either. How better to capture the mythic power of your collection of Yes, Asia, and Dream Theater albums than with these iconic end pieces?

So, order a set or two of these and start organizing your collections today!

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