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Dragon Wall Decal

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A knight approaches an ancient tower, his true love waiting. But first he must fight his way through a fearsome dragon, the giant beast is the last thing between the knight and the woman of his affections… And so begins – or ends – so many classic tales of heroic derring-do.

Such stories resonate well with the fertile imaginations of children, and any parent wishing to cultivate this imagination will eagerly seek to stimulate it from every angle. Such parents will want to consider decorating the walls of their children’s play area with the Dragon Wall Decal set from Animi Causa. Featuring a knight, dragon, and tower with imprisoned princess, this decal set allows you to create an imaginative scene for your kids’ enjoyment. These sturdy, super thin vinyl wall decals make the perfect decoration for any imaginative boy or girl, and will adhere to most surfaces, including walls and furniture.

The Dragon Wall Decals come with decorative flourishes such as a grassy field, clouds and simple, heart-filled speech bubbles that help create a narrative right on your kids’ walls. Just set the stage and enjoy as your children play out their own inspired stories.

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