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Dragonlance Temple of the Dragonslayer

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When we were younger, creating the beginnings of our fledgling tabletop campaign were likely rough, and needed some… help (for lack of a better word). Like many young nerds before me, my earliest epics were partially inspired by the stories told in the Dragonlance books. Many years later, these foundations have allowed us to create some of the most interesting role-playing experiences we’ve encountered, but none of those would have happened had we not been inspired by something great in the beginning.

Dragonlance: The New Adventures series is fantasy-lite; a set of stories that are intended for a younger audience, as a means of introducing kids to high fantasy without being too convoluted or complex. These stories make great building blocks into the more advanced books in the genre, and they are a fantastic starting point for getting your kids engaged in the worlds we all love today.

Volume one of the series, Temple of the Dragonslayer, follows a special girl, Nearra, as she searches for answers about her strange and sudden amnesia. She is joined by a group of traditional fantasy companions to aid her quest to regain her memories, but these adventurers may not be all they seem. The journey is rough, but it leads to a temple that may contain the answers Nearra desires.

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