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Draw The DC Universe

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Like many young nerds, I grew up wanting to be a comic book artist. The first pitch I ever made was to Marvel at age twelve, and it was their Klutz drawing book that taught me about stick figures, pipe figures, and other tools for drawing muscular heroes and villains in proportion and detail. Soon it was second nature to draw Spider-Man, my favorite superhero at the time – which might explain why my “original” heroes resembled him so closely. But of course, creativity has to start somewhere.

Later I became more interested in Batman and definitely would have enjoyed this Draw the DC Universe book, also from Klutz. It applies the same “draw-right-in-it” approach to the DC heroes and villains like the Justice League and their respective archenemies, but includes a more diverse set of artist’s utensils than mine had: sketching pencil, drawing marker, six colors for three double-tipped pencils, and stencils. Kids ages eight and up can read and follow step-by-step drawing instructions from the pros, techniques I remember saving a lot of time and frustration. Many kids – and adults for that matter – feel inspired to draw but give up when their mistakes are too dark to erase, their figures’ bodies too out of proportion, or their poses unclear. With this book, your aspiring artists will learn to draft lightly, to plan early, and to build on layers of increasing detail. Arguably, these are skills that can apply to other endeavors and serve them throughout their lives, whether they go on to make comic books or not!

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