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Dreamer Art Print

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The amount of creepy-cute art in the world just keeps growing, and children wearing animal heads populate a large section of this genre. From Max in Where the Wild Things Are, to the mischievous pouters of Yoshitomo Nara, we just love to portray our little monsters as, well, exactly. Zina Nedelcheva’s print “Dreamer” shows a sleepy little cherub sporting a headpiece that looks like it was made from an old Teddy bear. (Only slightly less weird than the real thing would be.) Above him swim several lumpy goldfish, blowing bubbles that double as stars, through the night sky. The image is framed with a crooked wooden window, gently suggesting that the tyke fell asleep while gazing out into the darkness.

For about 20 bucks, you get an 8×10 digital ink print on archival grade paper (larger sizes are available). The piece is a combo of whimsy and cuteness. If the macabre blending of animal and human parts is your kind of art, but you don’t want to actually frighten your children, this might be a good choice for the nursery. “Dreamer” has a weird childlike beauty and serene quality, inspiring the act it’s aptly named for.

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