How To Dress Your Baby In Rockabilly Fashion

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Recently, we discussed how to goth out your child in the latest Horror apparel. We’ve covered Rock Stars. Now we’re going to show you the latest rockabilly fashion for babies. Your baby might be too young to rock out to Johnny Burnette or drink beer while listening to Reverend Horton  Heat, but you can dress them like the coolest kat or kitten in the nursery. Sure, you can purchase any old onesie or tee from some lame store in the mall, but there’s a whole slew of awesome designs on the internet. You might spend a few extra dollars, but that’s what the in-laws are for. Let’s take a peek at how you can transform your little greaser to the hippest hepcat on the block.

First stop is Etsy, where you can find a wide variety of handmade garments ranging from must haves to “this should be on a crappy site like Cafepress”. Tread with caution.  A quick search revealed a few gems, but rest assured you could spend hours looking through some awesome tees, onesies and dresses.


I’m a big fan of this onesie from Liberty Linens. Sizes range from 0-18 mos.



For little pussycats we have this super cute handmade dress from lovedoversclothing. Sizes requests start from 6mos to 5t. Love that retro look.


Finally from Etsy, if you’re looking for something a little more psychobilly then rest assured we found it. From MamaSanMaternity comes this handmade romper or tee. Sizes starting at 6mos. Switchblade not included.

I could write a whole article on just products from Etsy, but I want to give you a wide variety from different online merchants . Next up is Baby Rebellion, known for their sweet diaper bags, hats, and dresses.

Cool Punk Rockabilly Fairy and Wild Tattoos Baby or Toddler Kimono Dress


First up, let’s take a look at this psychobilly dress. Sized from 6mos to 5t this kimono decked out in fairies and skulls lets all the ladies know who’s boss on the playground.

Stop Drop Rock And Roll - Fun Fuschia Pink - Cool Punk Rock and Roll Rockabilly Gothic Infant Baby Grow Bodysuit Onesie One Piece by Baby Rebellion


For little ones 3 to 18mos, this Rock N Roll onesie is a little more punk than rockabilly, but I just felt it had to be added. Hurry up, this one is available in limited quantities.

Next up we have Psychobaby, a website we’ve featured many times over the last year.



If flaming skulls and  tattoos are too edgy for you then you can tone it down with this Cutie Pie cardigan. Sizes 6mos and up.



This button down retro 50’s rockabilly shirt is perfect for those tyke size rock n rollers. Time to just sit back and wait for that pomp to grow in.

Let’s get back to skulls for your miniature daddy-o and dolly. Jaminga is the next merchant we’re going to look at.


Elvis might be dead and his post-1960’s music may make you vomit till your pancreas plops to the floor, but make no mistake, the king lives on. One of my favorite onesies in the list, this elvis inspired greaser onesie kicks ass.



If you are looking for something a little more feminine then this greaser mama onesie screams purchase me. We’ll take both of them, thanks.

This list wouldn’t be complete without adding the site My Baby Rocks. They have all sorts of cool designs, but the following two are must haves.



Yup, that’s a Johnny Cash plaid button up. You didn’t think we were going to leave him out did you? Sizes 3-12mos.



I have very fond memories of my time living in NYC and visiting Coney Island. The Mermaid Parade or just drinking beer at the old Sideshow Circus, those were fun times and this onesie is for them. Sizes 3-12mos.

This brings us to the end of the list, but it wouldn’t be complete with adding Sourpuss Clothing. You’re probably already familiar with them, but did you know they sold kid clothes?



I’m not sure if I really need to say anything about this dress. I know you’re freaking out and about to pass out with excitement. Here’s the link, just go and buy it.



If you are lucky enough to own a classic car that’s not made of plastic then you’ll most likely be raising a little mechanic. To prepare we suggest this tee. Sizes 6mos and up.





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