Dress Your Away Team in These Star Trek Tees

Trek Yourself

Your away team has been equipped. Now, it is time to make sure your family is properly dressed for your away mission. Thankfully, your children can leave the house in a variety of Star Trek styles and sizes.

0 – 24 Months

Star Trek Onesies

These Star Trek onesies are available in sizes 6-24 months. No matter what the future holds for your Trekkie in training, these onesies have them covered.  If your crew has already outgrown these, but you know of a fellow captain who is expecting a new addition to their crew, this Starfleet Academy gift pack is the perfect gift. It contains three six-month onesies, in command gold, engineering red, and science blue.

Spock smile onesie

For the babies who know they are adorable, there is this “I’m so cute, I made Spock smile… …. Almost” onesie. It is available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. You may also want to check out this “Beam me up a bottle” onesie , available is sizes ranging from newborn to 18 months, and this “Future captain” onesie, available in sizes ranging from newborn to 24 months.


I just boldly went onesie

If your current mission is to toilet train your cadet, part of your mission may be to figure out how to fit this “I just boldly went” t-shirt, available in sizes 2T-4T, into your toilet training routine.

Kobayashi Mary Tee

Often, a toddler feels like they are surrounded by nothing but no-win scenarios. They hear things like, “The dog’s fur is for petting, not for play dough.” Even more confusing may be, “Scissors are for paper, not for your hair,” especially if your toddler already gets haircuts. It is no wonder their inner warp core is constantly breaching. But, everyone survives. You can commemorate their survival with this, “I survived the Kobayshi Maru” t-shirt, available in sizes 2T-4T.

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Don't phase me bro tee

Is your young child in one of those moods? Dress them in this “Don’t phase me, bro!” t-shirt, available in kids sizes 4-7, and help warn the rest of the world.

Vulcan Nerve Pinch Kids Tee

You may need to have a talk with your young one before giving them this “How to perform the Vulcan nerve pinch” t-shirt, available in kids sizes 4-7. Sure, it may be funny to watch your child sneak up on unsuspecting “volunteers,” but you also need to warn them that it is ineffective against Vians, human augments, and Gary Seven.

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Tribbles are delicious tee

Most of us have thought it: Tribbles are very adorable but they probably make for a very tasty snack. This “The trouble with Tribbles: They’re crazy delicious” t-shirt, available in youth sizes 6-20, confirms it.

Party Vulcan Youth Tee

Whether it was making music with Uhura in the recreation room, or dancing with Kirk on the planet Platonius, Spock really knew how to party. Prepare your tween to “Party like a Vulcan” with this t-shirt, available in youth sizes 6-20.

There are 196 Star Trek t-shirts for your youth.

Now, your family has everything they need to boldly go and party like it’s 2265.


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