Dress Your Kid Like a Rock Star 101


If you happen to be a music geek like myself, chances are the music you listen to tends to dictate your sense of fashion. Whether it’s classic rock and you dress in band T-shirts and jeans, punk and you align your leathers with studs and patches, or jam bands and you wear Birkenstocks and tie-dyed shirts , your musical subculture of choice is hard not to emulate.

Like any parent, we secretly desire that our kids turn out just like us (the good parts, anyway), so we tend to dress them similarly, at least while we can still control things like their wardrobe. So if you’ve already signed up your mini Hendrix for guitar lessons and they love it – OR! If they’re mastering it themselves because they’re little geniuses – here are a few fashionable dress-up suggestions for your little music nerds.

Rock and Roll

The world of rock and roll is vast, but for the moment, let’s include styles that copy classic-rock trends between 1964-’75. Fans of The Who, Deep Purple, and The Rolling Stones would wear like jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and denim jackets with patches and flower-patterns sewn in. Talk about low-maintenance.

Redbubble.com has an amazing collection of rock-and-roll tees from musicians and bands such as the Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Who and The Stooges.


There’s also Bauhaus, The Smiths, and Blondie shirts, too, for you new wave fans. And to pair these kids shirts with some fashionable leggings, head on over to shopsugarbabies.com. For super-cool shorts like these and jeans like these:


check out psychobaby.com. And for the girls, there are tons of great band tops and dresses that they’re sure to love.



You’re a punk in the musical sense and your kid is, well, just a punk. You dig Mick Jones of The Clash and Joan Jett when she was with the Runaways.


Your child, on the other hand, just likes to break things then run away. For punky styles for toddlers and big kids alike, there’s psychobabyonline.com, which features an amazing array of hip and punky outfits for both boys and girls, along with accessories like hats and shoes. Also, make sure to check out Rocky Horrors. They have one of the best selections of anarchy kid’s shirts ever.

Kiddie Goths

Here’s an adorable image: a cherub with a guitar, dressed in black and listening to The Cure. AWWW! Sound like your little one? Moseying right back on over to redbubble.com is a thing you should do.


Gothy tees include Siouxsie Sioux shirtsDoomsday shirts and living dead girl shirts. I’m completely addicted to this site and soon, you will be, too.

Metal Heads

If GWAR is the only thing puts your child to sleep, and during playtime that jam to Metallica and Merciful Fate as opposed to Raffi and The Wiggles, then it’s time for leather jackets, jeans, sunglasses, wallet chains, boots, and of course, metal t-shirts.


There are tons of websites that sell metal clothes for kids, but the best has to be Metal Babies.com. From hoodies, to one-piece jumpers, to T-shirts, the selection is huge and the metal is mighty.

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