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Do you know the most improbable part of E.T.? No, not the childlike alien stranded on Earth, and not his ability to build a working satellite out of toys and string. It’s the older brother who is portrayed as both a jock AND a Dungeons and Dragons aficionado. Score one for breaking stereotypes!

In our day, it wasn’t easy to own up to such a peculiar hobby. In junior high a fellow classmate approached me and asked if I was a Dungeon Master. Being that this was a small school in a rural town where such things weren’t heard of, I was shocked at the question and hesitated to answer, instead glancing around nervously and speaking out the side of my mouth. After all, if anyone overheard us, we might be labeled lepers, outcast, unclean (a.k.a. dorks). So before we could do any role-playing, we played a streetwise detective game: “Who wants to know?” and “Maybe…maybe not” and “Who sent you?” That sort of thing.

Convinced it wasn’t a trap, I admitted that I was, in fact, a Dungeon Master in search of new players. This boy joined my group and became one of my best friends, bound together (even to this day) by countless hours of dungeon-delving, dice rolling, eating-Tang-powder-to-stay-awake-longer, role-playing fun. And yes, everyone else definitely knew we were dorks.

Thanks to the growing popularity of the fantasy genre, evidenced by (or the result of) movie trends and syndicated shows like The Big Bang Theory, it’s practically in vogue to wear such titles proudly. Young gamers can literally do just that with this Dungeon Master children’s tee from Something Geeky. Bearing Old English-style lettering around a black sword, the shirt comes in fourteen different colors and a variety of sizes, handy in case your kid isn’t quite ready to run their own epic quests. Either way, now there’ll be no question about who’s in charge!

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