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Dungeons and Dragons Drizzt

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Dungeons & Dragons has managed to lay claim to a monopoly of nerds for several generations, and now they’re reaching out their little dice tentacles to ensnare another generation.

For those familiar with the typical Saturday D&D get together, this board game will be simple and easy to grasp. The rules are markedly similar, as are the familiar locations and even players. Drizzt Do’Urden is a playable character in the scenario, but not a requirement. Which is good. Because while it is awesome to be able to lay waste to every baddie that crosses your path without a second thought, true D&D fanboys derive the most glee from murdering dozens of denizens with their own character, meticulously designed and outfitted with the love and care of a mother for her child.

If your nerdlings already possess some of the other Dungeon and Dragons Adventure Systems, they can be linked together to create a more epic encounter. Words to the wise though: if your children are not already playing D&D, the myriad rules and choices to be made can be somewhat overwhelming to newcomers. While this pack is designed to help simplify the experience, it might still be a good idea to sit down with them and go over the basics.

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