Dungeons & Dragons-Themed Bedroom Ideas and Decor For Kids

Transforming your kid’s bedroom into the ultimate D & D dungeon can lead to an awesome bonding experience.

kid cartoon play dungeons and dragons

Decorating your kid’s room with Dungeons and Dragons can make you the best parent in the world in the eyes of your child. If you aren’t already playing Dungeons and Dragons with your kids, we’d love to offer a few tips. There’s not a better way in the world to foster family connections (and a collective imagination) than to take on epic quests and monsters together. You’ve taken D&D from your group of nerdy college friends to the table of your nerdy family, and now it’s time to take the next big step: turning the most fanciful room in your house into an honest to goodness adventurer’s lair. Walking into your kids’ awesome Dungeons and Dragons bedroom will feel like rolling a hard 20 every time. We’ve put together some awesome decorations and room essentials to get you started.

Dungeons and Dragons Toy Decor

d2 plush dice

D20 Plush Dice

Whether it’s a critical hit or stinging miss, your child will be able to throw this die all over their room. Don’t worry it comes in red as well.

mimic dice pouch

Mimic Dice Pouch

These Dungeon and Dragons plushie dice pouches are amazing. Here we see the classic monster Mimic guarding his treasures with a set of ferocious teeth.

Perfect for your kid to store his monster-bashing dice in. Yes, they have other plushes to choose from.

honorable knight statue

Honorable Knight Statue

If your child is brave enough to venture down into the dungeons of Waterdeep then perhaps you should buy him or her this awesome 11″ statue.

Protect the famous city of the north and with this icon of heroism.

Dungeons and Dragons Wall Decor

dragon wall light

Dragon Wall Light

Illuminate your child’s bedroom with this elegant-looking electric wall lamp. No orc will ever be able to sneak up behind them again. Yes, it plugs into the wall and can take a 40 watt LED bulb.

electric wall torches

Electric Wall Torches

This pair of wall torches will set the mood for when your kid is all tucked in at the end of a long day’s adventure. Just make sure to check for any goblins underneath their bed.

red dragon head

Red Dragon Head

Hark! The occupant of this child’s bedroom is an avid Dungeon and Dragon’s player and has slain the mighty red dragon. Or maybe they just have some really cool parents that know how to properly decorate.

dungeons dragons players rule poster

Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Rule Poster

Does your youngling know the rules for their character when venturing out in the wild world of DnD? Are you certain? They wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a Pathfinder player, would they? Absolutely not, this poster shall be studied every morning and night before one brushes their teeth.

Dungeons and Dragons Bed Decor

twin dragon bedding set

Twin Dragons Bedding Set

Who doesn’t love dragons, and here we’re talking about twins. This bedding set comes with a duvet cover and pillow shams. This particular design is done in the theme of Ying and Yang.

beholder bedding set

Beholder Bedding Set

It’s coming from down the hallway. Looking in every corner, behind every door, and in the linen closet. It’s hungry and demands sustenance. No, it’s not the beholder. It’s your children wanting you to make a quick bite for them to eat while creating their character.

critical miss throw pillow

Critical Miss Throw Pillow

This pillow should definitely bring a few giggles. We’ve all been there. Ready to finish off that last monster as we excitedly roll the dice. Only to end up with a result of one. Great…

Dungeons and Dragons Lamps & Lighting

flameless candles with frame

Flameless Candles

No wizard study is complete without numerous candles littering the bookshelves and desk. It’s a fire hazard waiting to happen. Now your child can enjoy the spooky atmosphere without your fear that the house will burn to the ground. Let them cast their spells. You can enjoy catching up on Netflix.

twin guardian dragon lamp

Twin Guardian Dragon Lamp

This gothic-looking desk lamp is perfect for lighting a late-night reading session in bed. Twin dragons guard the lightbulb against family pets bent on knocking it over in the middle of the night. Yes, I’m talking about cats. Though I do not think your kitty will be eaten by this pair of scaly menaces. Pity.

Dungeon and Dragons Knickknacks

dragon trinket box

Dragon Trinket Box

This dragon trinket box is perfect for storing little items like dice, jewelry, and things that are easily lost. You don’t have to worry about your stored little trinkets getting away since there is a fierce dragon sitting on top of them. Everything will be safe and kept in one place. The box measures eight inches and is handcrafted in a hard resin.

LED night light

LED Night Light

A Dungeon and Dragons bedroom wouldn’t be complete without this frost dragon globe that keeps the demons away by sparkling. Quite the treasure to behold, any rogue would be impressed to discover this on their quest. The night light is powered by batteries and has a selection that emits sound. Perfect for your beast loving children.

wizard magical plasma ball

Wizard Magical Plasma Ball

Warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers will agree that this plasma ball is the coolest thing on the planet. Your kids will be amazed as they gaze into the crystal ball beholding all its mystery. While some of the reviews were less than stellar, this item seems to sometimes be shipped with a bad lamp. Here’s one with just the plasma ball.

leatherbound journal

Leatherbound Journal

No bedroom is complete without a place to record all the day’s adventures. This leatherbound journal will inspire your child to write on a regular basis. Encouraging your kid to record their thoughts and feelings is a great way to promote a healthy mental attitude.

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