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Duo Pinball For iPad

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Feel like having a pseudo-authentic pinball experience, but don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars and tons of living space for a real pinball table? No problem! You’re not the only pinball enthusiast with an iPad, so instead of going to all that trouble, why not just convert your iPad into a virtual pinball machine?

Duo Pinball for iPad connects to your iPad via Bluetooth, so there’s really not much to it. It runs with the Pinball HD Collection from the App Store, so be sure to pick that up first before you get started. Once you’re set, just connect the Duo Pinball peripheral to your iPad, and start playing some pinball!

Duo Pinball has semi-realistic feeling flipper buttons, as well as a trigger to launch your ball with and get things going. Five different pinball tables are included in the app, including tables inspired by being underwater,  the jungle, the wild west, a snow field, and a DaVinci painting. Each of these tables have a completely different feel to them, giving you plenty of hours of pinball action. When you’re done, pass it over to your kids (or take it from them, if they got to it first), so that your progeny can experience what it was like pumping quarters into machines years ago.

It’s pinball flippers for your iPad. What more do you need?

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