DUPLO Early Simple Machines III Homeschool Pack

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Simple Machines III Homeschool Pack

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It’s never too early to start your kids on machinism. Okay, that came out wrong; I don’t condone any underage workers slaving away in an underground workshop. What I mean, is that kids who are growing up can learn much from designing and constructing machines, and the Duplo Early Simple Machines III Homeschool Pack is an excellent beginner learning tool for teaching your kids the value of mechanics.

What makes this particular package great, is that the machines your kids can design are versatile. Sure, they could start off by learning the basics, following the provided instructions that teach your kids how to build the most basic of machines. These instructions will have your kids constructing rafts, vehicles, seesaws, spinning tops, and other simple machines, but while those early lessons are important, that isn’t the main draw of this product. Duplo’s Simple Machines Pack really shines when your kids start branching out and building their own unique creations.

Having learned the basic applied mechanics of building, this kit allows for more versatile and interesting creations that will keep your kids occupied, building whatever machines they can dream up. This is likely the best part of the product, and is the main reason I think it’s an excellent starter kit for introducing your child to the world of mechanics. Now get building!

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