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DwellStudio Kids Owls Sky Duvet Cover and Shams Set

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Let’s say your child sleeps 10 hours a night (ha, as if, right?). So, in a single year they’ll be lying in bed for more than 3,500 hours. Even if your kid’s a wake-and-wander kinda tot, they’re still spending thousands of hours in bed; if they’re not sleeping in bed, they’re spending hours and hours sitting on that bed thinking up ways to rule the world.

So whether they’re sleeping or not, the bed cover is an important part of their life. And bed covers aren’t just for sleeping, anyway. Remember those cozy Saturday mornings when you’d creep into the living area with your cartoon character duvet wrapped around you and watch Transformers ‘til your sister woke up (and demanded you watch She-Ra)?

Ah, yes. Good memories of our bed covers, indeed. We’ve found just the right duvet set that will give your child all those wonderful memories of childhood when they’re looking back on their lives. It’s the DwellStudio Owls Sky Duvet, and it comes with shams too! This playful set features cute little owls and trees full of color in modern styles that both you and your tot will love; it’s definitely not your grandma’s duvet (we’d include a link here but we’re trying not to offend anyone…this week).

The duvet cover has a 200 thread-count and comes in both twin and full sizes, so when your tot grows into a dashing/delightful young man/lady, they won’t need to hide their friends from any embarrassing bed covers like our friends used to. Because they won’t have to hide their bed covers, they won’t have to avoid playing in their bedroom on play dates and move to the living area where Dad makes corny jokes. And because his/her friends won’t be hearing Dad’s corny jokes, your kid won’t be subjected to “X’s Dad is a weirdo” calls from across the schoolyard.

See? One little duvet set can make a hell of a lot of difference to your kid’s life. It’s much cheaper than therapy, trust us—we’re still paying back our parents for those sessions.

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