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E is for Environment

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Children love nothing more than being able to show off what they know. Even more exciting for them is the ability to prove to their parents that they know even more than they do. This can ordinarily be an obnoxious trait that you have to address (particularly when your little one says something in mixed company like, “Maaaa, I told you not to use the onion that fell on the floor…now this meatloaf has cooties!”) But when it comes to spewing their knowledge of the environment and how you can do better in this area, we should welcome our know-it-alls to share what they’re learning.

Award-winning children’s TV writer, voiceover actor, and author Ian James Corlett has penned a book guaranteed to turn your child into a recycling wizard. E is for Environment: Stories to Help Children Care for Their World tackles the subject of making everyday, eco-friendly decisions that impact the planet in a big way. Loveable, smart characters Elliot and Lucy (who also appeared in Corlett’s awesome book E Is for Ethics) make conserving energy a fun task, instead of a hassle. They also show off their knowledge to their parents, and provide a few helpful lessons that turn their entire family onto the Eco movement. The major takeaway here is that saving the planet can be fun and can take place in small ways, in every corner of a child’s world — from their home to the playground.

This sweet book provides families with a way to entertain and teach each other about an important topic. It also promotes family discussion and just might encourage your clan to create environmental action plans and goals that you can meet together.


  1. melanie

    I’d rather see my kids reading this than some of the other things they end up getting assigned. Maybe I’ll just assign it myself 🙂

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