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Earthworm Jim Action Figure Exclusive

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Even the most die-hard gamers have to admit that the platformer, while a classic landmark of the video game landscape, can be tired and atrocious if not done right. Some modern re-visitations have hit the mark (Limbo being a perfect example), but generally speaking we must reach back into decades past for a truly memorable platform game experience. And thus, we travel back to the year 1994, when the classic Earthworm Jim entered the console gaming stage.

Blending absurd humor with fast action, highly fluid animated sprite graphics, and an odd obsession with cows, this game offered players a rare game-play experience on par with other great side scrolling platform games such as Metal Slug or the original Prince of Persia.

You can help steer your kids to a this classic gaming experience by grabbing them the game’s cartoonish titular character. This 6-inch-tall posable action figure of Earthworm Jim features 8 points of articulation and even comes with a secondary, flexible worm only figure, just in case Jim loses his alien robotic suit. This is an unnumbered limited edition, so be sure to add it to your children’s collection soon. (And you may want to get one for yourself as well, just for old times’ sake.)

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